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With ultra-fast, ultra-reliable and ultra-low latency, 5G powers up new possibilities that transform everyday life. Create the ultimate experience to enable your next advantage today and tomorrow.

TM One brings an end-to-end ecosystem of leading technology and industry collaborators to co-create fit-for-purpose solutions for your organisation. With TM One 5G, Your Next is Now.

TM One’s 5G benefits

Harness 5G’s data at the Edge and elevate your operations and business agility to the next level.

Healthcare Healthcare Mobile


Embrace the future present of healthcare to meet the provider and patient needs accurately, efficiently, conveniently, cost effectively and at scale.

  • Connected ambulances where real-time data can be checked and sent on the spot
  • Remote and real-time medical consultations
  • Robot Assisted Telesurgery allows complex procedures to be performed with more precision, flexibility, and control
  • Remote Patient Monitoring enables real-time understanding of a patient’s disease state, enabling the provider to make proactive clinical decisions
  • AR/VR Medical Training provides students a real-time view of the procedure in operating room
Manufacturing Manufacturing Mobile


Optimise production output and reduce costs via low latency, high reliability and network bandwidth to support critical applications.

  • Smart factories that help create highly reliable systems
  • Monitor and control production assets remotely in real-time
  • Connected robots without limitation of cables
  • Reliability of gathered information and greater accuracy of predictions in breakdowns and downtimes via preventive analytics
  • AR reality troubleshooting to repair electronic boards
  • Revolutionise spare parts management by connecting multiple standalone 3D printers
Government Sector Government Sector Mobile

Government Sector

Enhance public safety, security and public enforcement through greater accuracy, efficiency, and scalability.

  • Real-time surveillance monitoring
  • Shared and holistic security perimeters
  • High-Definition video recordings for evidence collection
  • Advanced video analytics with edge data processing
  • Wireless and portable solutions for faster deployment
  • Historical criminal data and post-crime analysis for crime prevention
Utilities Utilities Mobile


Achieve major breakthroughs in verifying technology feasibility, exploring business feasibility, and fostering the ecosystem.

  • Smart meter enables more precise services and greater data to be transmitted
  • Remote monitoring of energy sites with real-time data
  • Digital map from remote monitoring of underground networks to manage hazards across water network, gas plants etc.
Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Mobile

Oil & Gas

Transform your industry through innovation and digitalization that enable ultra-high speed and low latency communication.

  • Live video streaming for incident investigation and live commands communication via Connected Body Worn Camera
  • Real-time predictive maintenance tracking to detect issues for accident prevention
  • Visual field execution with immersive experiences through AR/VR-powered field execution
  • Real-time surveillance through live video streaming and plant inspection for quality control and emergency response
Agriculture Agriculture Mobile


Unleash a new era of modern farming through automation of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks to increase domestic yield and build sustainability.

  • Reduce resource consumption (e.g., water, grain, fertiliser, pesticides)
  • Minimise runoff and soil erosion
  • Inject efficiency into overall operations and product distribution
  • Predictive analysis enables data aggregation to help large industrial farms better incorporate predictive analytics
  • Collect higher-quality video data and convey it faster
  • Animal tracking and monitoring via animal monitoring sensors
  • Weather forecasting to manage harvesting season

Our collaborations thus far

Smart Surveillance @ Putrajaya, Ipoh and Kulai, Johor

  • Monitor public areas through high-definition videos
  • 5G analytics provide response, detects and predictive insights
  • Trigger immediate incident reports to take rectifying actions in real-time
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Our collaborations thus far

Smart Traffic Lights @ Cyberjaya, Ipoh & Kuala Selangor

  • Minimise the travelling time on roads
  • Enhance overall traffic management and analytics
  • Reduce carbon emission in order to achieve a Green City
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Our collaborations thus far

Smart Parking @ Kuala Lumpur

  • Provide the availability of parking spaces in real-time
  • Enhance the citizen digital experience when searching for a parking space
  • Promote public transport via Park and Ride
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Our 5G Offerings

Dynamic changes in customer, citizen, and user behaviour demands smarter and scalable solution. Be ahead of the game – now.

Smart City

Smart City

Address city challenges and enhance quality of life for citizens through anticipatory and data-rich solutions that centralise city-wide information and ease administrators’ workload.

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Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Catapult IR4.0 capabilities to automate processes and minimise health and safety risks and costs in one go. Through our high-tech solutions, streamline your operations and increase overall efficiency.

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Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Embrace a modern take on patient care by providing the ultimate patient experience with 5G-powered solutions. They help deliver healthcare services reliably, quickly and seamlessly.

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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Leverage on Agriculture 4.0 solutions that use AI analytics and real-time data to forecast weather, maximise yield and minimise inefficiency leakages.

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For operation and production-critical industries, elevate safety and automation innovation to improve business upsides.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

From feasibility studies, designs, network deployment and business integration, right to managed services and life cycle management – we’ve got all your needs covered.

Dedicated to you

Dedicated to you

Make full use of Enterprise 5G Core and New Radio that is exclusive for your organisation, thus ensuring security and reliability along the way.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Specifically designed for organisations with distinct perimeters and specific locations in industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, complexes and transportation hubs.


Infinite capabilities

Supports Edge Computing and Cloud which enable the delivery of applications powered by AI, machine learning and analytics on an exponential scale.


You are in charge

Better control to configure the network based on your specific requirements through locational boundaries and customised network settings selection.

Does 5G have you covered?

Find out whether you can get 5G in your area and begin transforming your industry today.

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An ecosystem that brings together the country’s leading technology, industry and smart solution partners to co-create the future of Malaysian 5G. As one unified force, we take our shared ideas and turn them into reality to build advanced industries towards an advanced nation, for all.

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