All on a single platform :
Bring your office everywhere

Skip the daily traffic and enjoy the flexibility of working hybrid as meetings now made easier in a single application that combines phone, meetings and chat. Download now and be hassle free!

Inside: 4 Questions You’ll Find Answers to:

  1. How does the future working trend impacting business operation and productivity?
  2. What are the various challenges of hybrid work face by businesses?
  3. What aspects need to be factor in adapting to the future working trend?
  4. What kind of solutions can be tackled to ensure productivity is optimised for hybrid working trend?

Sneak Peak: Numbers of Interest

  • 94%

    of businesses say video conferencing increases the productivity of their work.

  • 45%

    of teams use video calling tools daily or weekly.

  • 62%

    of companies use three or more video calling platforms.

  • 78%

    organisations says that better augment conference rooms with technology to enhance meeting experiences.

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