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Modernise Business Processes

Technology and dynamic customer expectations are disrupting how consumers interact with businesses and how enterprises orchestrate internal processes. Contact centres are steadily being re-invented with the introduction of digital touchpoints such as social media and live chat. Sales organisations are making the shift from outside, field-based sales structures to inside sales models. Outsourcing and modernising these business processes yields improved efficiency and responsiveness, and generates higher sales with the ability to scale and innovate, while optimising operational costs.

TM ONE Business Services operates across Malaysia and Indonesia and is powered by digital, cloud, collaboration and connectivity excellence. It is the leading business services provider, offering comprehensive and integrated business process outsourcing services to boost customer experience and business operations. Shift from systems of records to systems of engagement and insights with TM ONE Business Services. Achieve connected, smarter and more personalised experiences and greater business agility. Create an adaptive digital business with TM ONE Business Services and take business practices to the next level.

Business Process Outsourcing - TM ONE

TM One Business Services

Business processes are the bedrock of the modern enterprise. Ensure that they run smoothly, efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with regulations.

Modernise Business Processes

Access to Experts

Greater specialisation across multiple business functions can outpace an organisation’s ability to acquire talent. Get the best expertise on tap with TM ONE Business Services.

Free Up Resources

Maximise the value of your organisation’s full-time staffers by freeing them up from routine tasks. Generate increased productivity with outsourcing, and process automation.

Assured Outcomes

In the everyday bustle, some business processes fall through the cracks. Ensure the reliability of process outcomes, and improve process SLAs with dedicated outsourced teams.

Optimised Costs

Lower the CAPEX and the OPEX costs of producing routine business outcomes, while creating increased cost visibility and predictability. Sharpen financial decision-making.

Innovate Continually

Over time business processes tend to stagnate. Drive continuous improvement, adopt digital ways of working, and raise the process innovation quotient of business functions.

Risk and Governance

Lower exposure to risk and compliance vulnerabilities with better process and data management. Boost data security, and data privacy models and stay abreast with regulations.

Boost Revenues

Leverage best practices to fill sales and marketing pipelines, accelerate outbound sales and cross-sell opportunities, lower customer churn, and protect recurring business.

Modernise Business Processes

TM One Business Services Offerings

TM One Business Services offers comprehensive and integrated business process outsourcing services to improve customer experience and business operations across enterprise functions and industries.

  • Customer Services
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Operations
  • Human Resources

Contact centres are still the number one way for customers to get in touch with businesses and are essential to continued customer loyalty, and recurring revenue. TM ONE Business Process Services enables enterprises to maximise on the benefits of a contact centre—without the overheads and day-to-day management hassles.

Achieve new levels of smarter customer service and boost performance with access to best practices and advanced technologies. Field support requests, raise satisfaction scores, and scale with demand.

Lower the burden of managing everyday sales operations including tele-sales, collections and dispatching customer reminders with TM ONE Business Services.

Facilitate sales with virtual account management services, and lower churn with tele-save-a-customer services. Augment the ability of sales teams to meet targets by responding immediately to inbound inquiries, acting on cross and upsell opportunities, and leveraging business insights from business intelligence tools, advanced analytics, and reporting dashboards.

The proliferation of platforms, Martech tools, and customer segments adds complexity to everyday marketing operations. Consistently deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel while lowering marketing cost and effort.

Run, analyse and improve multi-touch, omni-channel campaigns; manage tele-marketing, inbound sales, CRMs, and customer touchpoints including chat, and IVRs. Leverage social media analytics, and sentiment and trend analysis.

Drive new life and value into established finance and operational processes. Create repeatable outcomes with the greatest efficiency, optimise costs, and streamline processes such as accounts payable, facility management, and IT helpdesks.

With access to Lean Six Sigma consultancy services, root cause analysis, quality management system services, product health reports, and facility management services, organisations will be able to create new process efficiencies and improve financial, operational and quality outcomes.

Re-energise HR and make it strategic by outsourcing crucial operations, sharpening workforce management with data analytics, and increasing the speed and agility of HR outcomes and processes.

Streamline HR management services, systems, training and payroll, and benefits administration with TM ONE Business Services. Improve the flexibility, quality and agility of the HR function, enhance talent management, align with business plans, optimise HR management costs, and measure and continuously improve performance.

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