Malaysian Leader's Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation

What can Malaysian business and IT leaders do to turn data into revenue-generating, cost-cutting insights? And how can they achieve it quickly and cost-effectively? Find out.

Insights from the Guide: Did You Know That…

  • Offshore platforms run at only 77% of maximum production potential? And that analytics can improve this number substantially?
  • AI technologies can potentially deliver $1 trillion in additional value each year to the banking industry?
  • 91% of organisations believe that the right data would put their business in a strong position to compete and succeed over the next few years?
  • Analytics, on average, can help enterprises boost profitability by 12%?
  • The road to becoming a data-driven organisation runs through the cloud? And that 69% of enterprises want to run all of their analytics in the cloud by 2023?

Inside the Guide:

  • Weigh the Benefits

    Explore the advantages that oil & gas and BFSI firms can achieve from analytics—and decide which are worth pursuing.

  • Assess the Constraints

    What’s in the way of success? Learn the big—and pertinent—roadblocks obstructing the path to analytics initiatives.

  • Uncover the Fix

    Understand why a majority (83%) of technology leaders say that the public cloud is the best place to run analytics.

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