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Agile in Distributed World

Connectivity and networks are foundational to digital transformation. And as digital transformation grows more complex—due to the increasingly distributed nature of computing—and manifests in a myriad different ways—from big data analytics to IoT—enterprises and government institutions need high-performing networks that are agile, self-aware, and cost-effective.

Whether your data core runs on-premise, in hybrid or multi-clouds, or your workforce is distributed and remote or in controlled environments, or you operate cross-continent or on a single campus, you need a network that secure, dependable, and scalable. Enable digital transformation with TM ONE Connectivity, leverage a network that’s as agile as you.

The Power of TM ONE Connectivity

Enable and animate true digital transformation with software-defined networks and connectivity solutions built to combat the challenges of today’s distributed architecture and workforce. Leverage an adaptive, application-aware, future-ready network with TM ONE Connectivity.

Connect. Access. Collaborate.

Your end-to-end connectivity partner for a distributed world.

Enhanced Security

Achieve end-to-end, robust security with TM ONE-owned private networks. Access accurate and actionable information with real-time threat intelligence and advanced analytics.

Holistic Offerings

Capitalise on TM ONE’s broad range of connectivity options—including VSAT, xDSL, LTE, Ethernet and Fibre—to tackle a wide variety of use cases and real-world constraints.

Highly Adaptive

Boost network agility, achieve centralised control and improve management with TM ONE’s software-defined connectivity solutions. Create a future-ready, application-aware network.

Simplified Management

Lower the cost and effort of managing networks with TM ONE. Access 24X7 monitoring, automation, managed connectivity services, and achieve service level goals and increased efficiency.

Assured Performance

Enhance application performance and user experience with network and connectivity solutions that ensure exceptional quality of service and consistency, and high speed and uptime.

Wide Network

Take advantage of Malaysia’s largest network. TM ONE’s deep investments in communications infrastructure ensures security, wide coverage, and direct access to large CSPs.

End-to-End Service

Make the most of TM ONE’s end-to-end services: From consultation, planning and implementation to network management, optimisation and innovation. Experience a truly digital future.

Connect. Access. Collaborate.

Your end-to-end connectivity partner for a distributed world.

TM ONE Connectivity Offerings

TM ONE provides a broad range of connectivity offerings encompassing voice, mobility and Internet services, private network solutions, and managed services to combat the challenges of today’s distributed architecture and workforce and to meet the diverse needs of businesses and government institutions.

  • Internet Services
  • Private Network Solution
  • Voice Services
  • Managed Services
  • Mobility Solutions

Today’s connected, digital environment makes Internet connectivity a basic necessity for businesses and government institutions. They need reliable, secure, and high-speed connectivity to the Internet from across locations to support the growing needs of their distributed workforce.

TM ONE offers best-in-class Internet services using a variety of access technologies ranging from Ethernet to optic fiber to wireless to meet the diverse and expanding needs of enterprises. TM ONE Internet services are underpinned by a robust Internet backbone and come with flexible pricing options, robust SLAs, and high uptimes.

  • DOME (Direct Over Metro E)
  • SD-Internet
  • MBIS (Managed Business Internet Service)
  • Cloud Connect

Businesses and government institutions need a secure, scalable, flexible, reliable, fast, and smart network with greater reach to connect various offices and establishments to enable their employees to access critical applications, send and receive confidential information, and collaborate effectively.

TM ONE offers robust and reliable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network solutions with a wide choice of access technologies ranging from Ethernet to DWDM to LTE to VSAT to meet your every connectivity need, be it high bandwidth or low latency or connectivity to remote locations.

    • IPVPN
    • Hybrid IPVPN
  • Metro E
  • Hyperband
  • VSAT

Many enterprises conduct a sizeable portion of their business and reach their customers for critical communication over the phone as they find it efficient and cost-effective. In addition, employees regularly use traditional voice services to collaborate and communicate.

TM ONE with its range of voice services ranging from basic voice services to IP-based services to value-added services to unified communications, empowers businesses and institutions to enhance customer experience and improve productivity.

  • Basic Voice
    • DEL Business Line
  • IP Voice
    • Multi Line SIP
    • IP Centrex
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration
    • One UCaaS
    • Managed Unified Communication
    • TM Live Audio
  • Value Added Services
    • Shortcode Messaging
    • Infoblast
    • TollFree

Today’s business environment mandates that IT services are always available without any downtime or disruption. In addition, increasing security requirements, ever increasing complexity of IT solutions, and shortages of skilled staff means that enterprises are struggling to manage and maintain their services in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

TM ONE with its range of managed services offerings does the heavy-lifting of monitoring, maintaining and managing various services and solutions with strict SLAs so that you can focus on business and not worry about the back-end infrastructure.

  • Managed LAN
  • Managed WiFi
  • HoTES (Hospitality Entertainment Solutions)
  • Managed Bandwidth Management Service

Digital transformation demands your employees to be connected to your customers and other stakeholders irrespective of where they are. At the same time, it also demands that your equipment and machines are connected to provide real-time data on their health to improve operational efficiencies.

TM ONE with its range of mobility solutions provides end-to-end mobility solutions so that both your staff and equipment and machines are connected through latest mobile technologies so that you can enhance collaboration amongst your employees, improve the productivity of your workforce, and adopt IoT and AI-based solutions to implement predictive maintenance and AI-based quality control initiatives.

  • Unifi mobile Corporate (UMC)
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
  • Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

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