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What are the key sources of cyber risk in Malaysia’s financial sector? How big a challenge do they pose? How can managed security services help? Download the infographic to find out.

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  • How competitive pressure, customer experience and increased digital transactions impact cybersecurity.
  • The adverse effect of hybrid environments and greater digitisation on cyber risk.
  • What Malaysian financial leaders must do to turn the cybersecurity challenge—into an opportunity?
  • Why Malaysian businesses believe managed security services offer the most effective solution to the cybersecurity dilemma?

Inside: Key Trends in Malaysia

  • 1,318%

    Rise in ransomware attacks on Malaysia’s banking industry in the first half of 2021, compared to last year.

    Source: Trend Micro

  • 864%

    The increase in real-time payment transactions in Malaysia as the pandemic accelerated digital payments.

    Source: Malaysia’s real-time payment transactions surge by 864pc in 2020

  • $74M

    Financial institutions in Malaysia will spend $74 million, on average, on new fraud prevention technology.

    Source: GBG Research

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