IDC XSecure Maturity Assessment: The First Step to a Secure Future

To improve security, combat new threats, and build trust and resilience, a maturity assessment is the first step. It helps you understand your current security posture, know your vulnerabilities, assess the attack surface, and comprehend the threat landscape.

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“We would like to share with you access to a cybersecurity maturity assessment tool on your organisation’s cybersecurity practices. This IDC XSecure Maturity Assessment tool is a preliminary means to help you determine which areas that are matured or require improvement, and formulate a plan to improve your organisation's overall level of security maturity.”

Dr. Saiyid Abdallah Syahir Al-Edrus General Manager of Cybersecurity Services, TM One

To recognise the challenges of tomorrow and to cope with them, security and IT leaders need to get a clear understanding of the maturity of their current security strategy and practices across the four fundamental disciplines of security—vulnerability, threat, identity, and trust management.

The IDC XSecure Maturity Assessment is the preferred choice for organisations across the world to understand their security strategy and maturity across these four security disciplines. This interactive security maturity assessment provides you with IDC’s viewpoint on your overarching security strategy and helps you understand your maturity across:

Vulnerability Management

Assessment of the attack surface and management of the security posture to protect your assets and applications.

Threat Management

The monitoring activity for attacks and other suspicious actions as well as your investigation, reaction, and response when they occur.

Identity Management

Validation of identities and assigning/revoking of credentials for ongoing authentication and privileges of all types of users.

Trust Management

Protection of the confidentiality and integrity of your data as it is used throughout the environment.

Take the XSecure Maturity Assessment and get a customised assessment report and an essential guidance report with actionable insights from IDC. Quickly understand your current security posture, strengths and weaknesses, and areas of improvement, and get customised recommendations to face tomorrow’s challenges.

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The Challenge

Information and data security continues to pose a challenge for Malaysian firms. Among Asean countries, Malaysia ranks second in botnet detections and third in phishing and mobile banking malware.

  • 2020
  • Cybersecurity incidents increased by 82.5%.

  • Details of 38,000 credit cards issued by top Malaysian banks leaked online.

  • 2019
  • Two Malaysian banks fined RM6.4 million and RM3.2 million, respectively, for security breaches involving customers’ personal data.

  • 2018
  • 46 million personal data records exposed on the dark web.

  • A Malaysian media and entertainment group hit by ransomware demanding RM26 million.

Source: IDC Infobrief for Cybersecurity

Explained: IDC XSecure Maturity Assessment

Watch this video to understand what IDC XSecure Maturity Assessment is and how it can help your organisation improve its security posture.

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