Convenience Stores With Artificial Intelligence, SD-WAN and SASE

Imagine a hybrid experience where a fast-food joint meets a grocery store, all wrapped up in a convenient pit stop. Convenience stores face the challenges of retail outlets and more. Here’s how the right technology can make the difference.

The Unique Challenges of Convenience Stores

  • Customers at convenience stores expect faster service than they get at supermarkets or specialty stores
  • Convenience stores are open longer and are also more vulnerable to robberies because of their location
  • Convenience stores typically employ smaller teams compared to retail stores, yet they often have the additional responsibility of managing food and beverage operations.
  • Smaller footprints mean more pressure to get the right product mix, and optimise frequent replenishments

Revolutionising Convenience Stores

SD-WAN and SASE can improve the performance, availability, security and management of data-intensive and latency-sensitive AI solutions, such as:

AI Vision and People Tracking

Predict rush hours, detect armed individuals, and make better staffing decisions

People Behaviour Analytics

Discover customer preferences and ensure optimal product selection and inventory management.

Relevant Digital Signage

Display personalised promotions with time and demography-based offers to drive revenue

Make Your Business More Agile

By leveraging the cloud to remove complexity and provide immediate scalability

Demand Forecasting

Uncover demand for each product to optimise stock levels, stock delivery and logistics

Adopt Zero Trust Network Access

By verifying user identity and health of devices, for every session

Secure Access with Optimised Performance

Connect all locations, remote workers, devices, workloads with the fastest, most reliable and secure path

Deliver Best App Experience

With end-to-end observability to resolve anomalies from users to apps, over any network or cloud

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