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Case Studies

Discover how experienced TM ONE industry specialists helped companies find new opportunities and stay ahead of today’s trends.

Education Smart Sevices Surveillance System

Smart Services

Surveillance systems integrated with access control measures

The Challenge

  • Heavy investment in operational cost to ensure safety and security for large campuses.
  • The large perimeter also means remedial measures; it takes a longer time to deploy.
  • Coverage area requires investment in large number of security personnel which is deemed ineffective.
  • Customer requires a solution that incorporates video analytics capabilities that is able to provide alerts based on known security threats, coupled with alarm and panic button features as well as access control measures.

The Solution

  • A wide range of integrated smart services that includes surveillance cameras with analytic features (e.g. motion detection).
  • Access and control measures (barrier gates, badge and pin access, biometric scanners), intrusion detection, etc.
  • All of which, covers both rudimentary and advanced features allowing customers to decide on a proper entry point.

The Benefit

  • When coupled with TM ONE Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) offering, it provides a fully integrated surveillance command and control centre, linked to relevant enforcement officials.
  • Surveillance system can be deployed and managed on-premises or deployed and managed in the cloud through TM ONE IOC.
  • Local security command centres need not be staffed heavily as in-built analytics assist in automated alerts.
  • By optimising human resources, TM ONE is able to support customer objectives on better cost control.
Data Centre One Stop Provider

Data Centre Services

One-stop provider for DC hosting, content distribution network (CDN) & internet services

The Challenge

  • Heavy CAPEX investment in digitising existing course content for online delivery to capture more revenue beyond local boundary.

The Solution

  • Internet streaming service with content caching, hosted within TM ONE Data Centre.

The Benefit

  • Readily available colocation and cloud platform for on-demand request.
  • Improved user experience and bundled Internet connectivity for web facing services, all from a single provider.
Education Network Services Minimise Downtime

Network Services

Minimise downtime

The Challenge

  • To provide Wi-Fi access within the mall to attract shoppers and enable M2M or IoT applications.

The Solution

  • TM ONE Enterprise Wi-Fi

The Benefit

  • TM ONE Enterprise Wi-Fi increased user experience and minimised downtime through end-to-end (WAN + LAN/WLAN) service management.
  • The platform also provides additional insights to shoppers' behaviour.

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