Oil and Gas

Maximise hydrocarbon productivity, from the subsurface to the control room, while enhancing safety. Transform with TM One.

Fuelling the Future

The Energy industry is no stranger to technology. Yet, much remains to be accomplished if energy companies are to make the most of the terabytes of data they produce, and capitalise on technological advances. Digital applications can drive revenues up by 10%*, and shrink costs by 8.5%*, unlocking $1 trillion* of value for Energys organisations, according to Digital Operations Study (Energy), Strategy&.

Powered by its transformative cloud, and unmatched connectivity, cybersecurity, and smart service offerings, TM One can help the energy sector leverage the Internet of Things, big data analytics and machine learning, and mobility, to tap into this opportunity. Transform now with TM One.

*Source: https://www.strategyand.pwc.com/gx/en/insights/2020/digital-operations-study-for-oil-and-gas/2020-digital-operations-study-for-energy-oil-and-gas.pdf

Re-Committing to Success

Technology will have a significant role in determining which Energy companies will survive and thrive as the industry battles the twin challenges of a price squeeze stemming from oversupply, and a longer decarbonisation trend. Digital technologies can help maximise efficiency and safety, while lowering breakeven points, and competing more innovatively.

High Speed Networks

Connecting offshore Energy assets with high-speed offshore networks has many benefits including increased productivity and quality of life, and faster critical incident response.

Hybrid Clouds

Deploy hybrid cloud models to leverage cloud services such as AI and IOT, while improving disaster recovery and availability, from on-premise data centres with cloud extension services.

5G Connectivity

Access to 5G opens up a diverse set of strategic opportunities around robotics, remote machine operations and control, immersive experiences, and smart operations to support remote sites.


Connected devices, such as wearables and smart helmets, combine sensors and cloud-based applications to increase worker safety, and improve asset management, and reservoir production.


Greater digitisation and the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies renders Energy operations vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Safeguard production assets with cybersecurity solutions.

Talk to our Energy and Utilities Expert

Talk to our Energy and Utilities Expert

TM One Offerings

In today’s connected, digital world, enterprises and government institutions need solutions that can truly enable them in their digital transformation initiatives. TM One, with a range of solutions that can take your digital transformation forward, is your ideal partner in this journey.

Talk to Our Solution Expert

Our experts can help you craft a solution to solve your unique problem.

Talk to Our Solution Expert

Our experts can help you craft a solution to solve your unique problem.

The Power of TM One

Built on a foundation of world-class technology and services, global partnership, long experience, and deep customer commitment, TM One provides enterprises and government institutions with the building blocks for a resilient, innovative, and digitally-transformed future. Take transformation forward, swiftly, seamlessly, securely and cost-efficiently.

Broad and Deep Technology Offerings

TM One’s technology offerings, spanning infrastructure—from racks to virtual machines—and solutions—from smart services to data analytics—are built on three necessary and foundational pillars—cloud computing, connectivity and networks, and security. Combined, these capabilities enable a more accelerated, more true, and more continuous digital transformation.

Comprehensive Services

TM One’s services accelerate and augment digital transformation. Professional services help leaders create vision and roadmaps, enabling predictable, business-aligned digital transformation. And with managed services, IT teams can access the deep technical and domain expertise they require to monitor, manage, optimise and innovate around deployed digital solutions.

Investments and Partnerships

Continuous investments in underlying infrastructure, industry-specific platforms and solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies, risk and security stacks, and experience and excellence centres, coupled with strong global partnerships with leading international technology companies including AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware best position TM One to meet all your current and future technology needs.

Established Leadership

The government and various leading public and private enterprises across Malaysia depend on TM One for their critical digital technologies that power their business. With a legacy of trust and armed with years of experience, TM One is the business-to-business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

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