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TM is the only local Cloud Service Provider (CSP) panel under Government’s MyDIGITAL

Transform Distinctively

Digital transformation generates new revenue opportunities and cost-efficiencies, while enabling greater flexibility and agility. The building blocks of digital transformation lean on a cloud strategy that align perfectly with your unique needs.

Cloud α (pronounced Cloud Alpha) is the only Malaysian-owned aggregator and provider of end-to-end cloud infrastructure and services to enterprises and government institutions. With industry platforms offering tailor-made solutions for key verticals, Cloud α is underpinned by TM’s unmatched cloud connectivity and cyber security, and partnerships with the best global technology providers. This is bolstered with a cloud management platform to manage multi-cloud deployments, and a comprehensive set of advisory and consulting services to enable organisations to migrate to the cloud with confidence, visibility, and predictability.

TM ONE Cloud Alpha - Transform Distinctively

Malaysian Leader's Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation

Find out what Malaysian business and IT leaders can do to turn data into revenue-generating, cost-cutting insights and how they can achieve it quickly and cost-effectively.

Break Barriers with Cloud α

Unleash the value of rapid innovation and cutting edge technologies with Cloud α.

The Power of Cloud α

With Cloud α, your business will be able to fulfil its cloud strategy swiftly, securely, cost-effectively, with certainty, and in compliance with regulations. Our robust infrastructure, industry platforms, global technology partnerships, cloud management platform, highly skilled domain experts, and distinctive professional services set us apart.

Break Barriers with Cloud α

Advancing Innovation

Deploy game-changing technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and blockchain and stay aligned with customer expectations with the ability to offer new services quickly and easily.

Greater Security

Cloud α security leverages best-in-class solutions and processes. Cloud α infrastructure is PCI DSS-compliant, ISO/IEC 27001-certified, and also offers security as a managed service.

Enhance Compliance

Cloud α is powered by TM’s Twin Core Data Centre ensuring compliance with Malaysia’s data residency laws, disaster recovery best practices, and industry-specific regulations such as RMiT and PHFSA.

Ensure Availability

Cloud α guarantees high availability and 24x7 support, powered by robust infrastructure and an ISO/IEC 20000-certified Tier III data centre, which leverages TM’s domestic and international Points-of-Presence

Migrate with Confidence

Adopt a variety of cloud models including public cloud, virtual private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud—and access one of the largest pools of IT experts in Malaysia for a frictionless path to the cloud.

Tame Costs

Cloud α aims to make the cloud accessible to everyone. A combination of predictable costs, pay-as-you-grow models, competitive pricing, smart bundling, orchestration tools, and professional services ensures greater cost-effectiveness.

Seamless Experience

Enjoy a scalable and hassle-free cloud experience with end-to-end solutions that are built on high-performance infrastructure, deep partnerships, long-standing software alliances, cloud-optimised networks, and managed services.

Break Barriers with Cloud α

Powered by Robust Infrastructure

Cloud α offers scalable, trusted, and reliable cloud services, which are powered by a robust state-of-the-art infrastructure tuned to provide unmatched performance, high availability, and superior support.

  • Network
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Support

Enterprise-grade connectivity with low latency (< 4 ms round trip data transfer)


State-of-art and industry certified Twin Core Data Centre


Ideal for primary and secondary disaster recovery sites


99.987% Infrastructure availability


99.9% Cloud infrastructure availability (on VPC)


Ideal for hosting critical business systems


Architecturally designed for redundancy


24/7 support via integrated operation support


Emergency support (30 minutes)

Cloud α Offerings

Cloud α provides a broad range of solutions encompassing cloud infrastructure, tailor-made industry solutions, cloud management platform, professional services, and managed services.

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Industry Solutions
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • Cloud Professional Services
  • Managed Cloud Services

In today’s fast paced, highly competitive world, businesses need their IT infrastructure and solutions to be up and running in a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks. They need high-performing infrastructure, development platforms, and software solutions that are scalable, reliable, delivered on a pay-per-use model, and can support a variety of workloads.

Cloud α offers best-in-class IT infrastructure services to power enterprise requirements, a complete cloud-based platform for developing, testing and deploying applications without the complexity and inflexibility of building and maintaining them on-premises, and application software, productivity and collaboration tools, enterprise file sync and sharing solutions, for rapid adoption. Enterprises and government institutions can provision infrastructure in a matter of minutes, save costs, scale at pace, and ensure they are a step closer to digital transformation.

To rapidly and securely get started in their cloud journey, various verticals like banking and financial services, healthcare, and government, need industry-specific platforms with tailor-made solutions to suit their unique needs.

Cloud α Edge provides a seamless path to the cloud for Malaysian enterprises and government institutions from select key verticals with a range of ready-made solutions to help them get started on their cloud journey and migrate critical workloads to the cloud quickly, easily, cost-effectively, without constraints, and by meeting key compliance and data residency requirements. These tailor-made industry solutions come ready with tools for resource monitoring and identity and access management, AI capabilities to support business innovations, advanced cybersecurity support, workload and data migration service, besides best-in-class compute and storage infrastructure, network resources, and database and application services.

Hybrid and multi-cloud will be the key infrastructure strategy adopted by most organisations in their digital transformation journey to enable resilience by improving infrastructure scalability and avoid price and vendor lock-in. IDC predicts that by 2021 over 90% of enterprises worldwide will rely on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, several public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs.

To effectively manage these hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, Cloud α has a cloud management platform that helps organisations provision, integrate, monitor, orchestrate, govern, and automate their deployments in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment across multiple public and private clouds.

With Cloud α professional services, you and your team will have access to the largest pool of local IT experts in Malaysia, ready to navigate you through all pre-and post-deployment uncertainties. Our experts can help enterprise teams on their cloud adoption journey by enhancing their efficiency, and lowering both risk and cost.

Our Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) helps determine the most secure and optimised cloud environment for your unique business needs. Additionally, our services include advisory, migration assessment, cloud roadmap design, migration services, integration, as well as optimisation services.

With our cloud professional services, you will be able to plan and accelerate your journey to the cloud, migrate with certainty, ensure predictability and security, and achieve the most business value from your cloud investment.

The pace and the volatility of today’s business environment requires IT teams to produce both business and IT outcomes, quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently. This can be difficult with stretched IT organisations, and shortages of specific skill sets.

With Cloud α managed services, you will be able to unburden your IT team of day-to-day operations, freeing them up to provide greater value to the business. In addition, you will be able to tap into a wealth of technical expertise to speed up problem resolution.

Cloud α managed cloud services executives provide proactive, 24X7, email and phone support for end-to-end services, from security, networking, and connectivity, among others. Our services span system administration and operations, system monitoring, notification and reporting, performance testing, backup and disaster recovery, database administration, and developer support and training.

Migrate Confidently with Cloud α Professional Services

Cloud α offers differentiated professional services across Malaysia. Access a comprehensive set of advisory and consulting services that span the lifecycle of your cloud journey, regardless of your cloud deployment strategy. Create a customised, business-driven, frictionless path to the cloud.

Expertise: Depth and Breadth

Call upon one of the largest pools of local IT experts and cloud architects in Malaysia, with years of experience managing the biggest private cloud deployment in South East Asia with 6,000 VMs, and their underlying infrastructure across four data centres.

Cloud Migration Blueprint

From deployment models, and workload and infrastructure interdependencies, to costs, SLAs, security, compliance, management, governance and risk, our cloud adoption framework will bring greater clarity to your cloud strategy.

Experience Centre

Tap into the expertise of TM’s top cloud architects. Get hands-on, interactive access to specialised solutions, cloud use cases, and business solutions. Build your own custom-solutions based on your business case.

Easy Management Platform

Improve efficiency and cost control with Cloud α cloud management platform. Orchestrate multi-cloud deployments with greater automation, open APIs, software-defined infrastructure, and cross-network integration—all from a single, intuitive console

Moving to the Cloud?

Find out where to start with our expert!

Complemented by a World-Class Partner Ecosystem

Partnerships with leading global cloud technology and service providers enable Cloud α to provide you with a wider choice, robust infrastructure, and seamless management.

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