Leverage high-performing, managed networks that are nimble, secure, responsive, and resilient from the branch to the multi-cloud.

Networks for a Dynamic, Digital, and Distributed Age

Build an agile and secure network that connects branches, on-premises assets, and cloud platforms. Break data silos and orchestrate networks to keep pace with volatile business environments. Find out how.

  • SD-WAN - Improve Cost and ManagementImprove Cost and Management
    Optimise network size. Shrink network management complexity and overheads. Route traffic to the most cost-effective transport layer.
  • SD-WAN - Increase Security and ResilienceIncrease Security and Resilience
    Secure WAN, and breakout traffic to the cloud with fully-managed security solutions. Detect potential performance issues in advance and enhance network reliability for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Boost Agility and PerformanceBoost Agility and Performance
    Deliver high quality of service levels and establish networks that are attuned to application requirements, thereby elevating user satisfaction. Add site capacity and nodes easily.
  • Enhance InnovationEnhance Innovation
    Accelerate SD-WAN adoption and capitalise on the benefits created by edge computing, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


For Convenience Store

SD-WAN and secure access service edge (SASE) enable retailers to create a more robust, reliable and trusted network infrastructure to operate efficiently and safely. Click here to find out how to stay ahead of your competition.

Re-architect and Accelerate Network Modernisation

TM One provides comprehensive SD-WAN services that are fully managed from start to finish. Our services include various connectivity options, orchestration engines, security solutions, dashboards and advanced analytics. In addition, we offer professional and managed services to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.

TM One SD-Internet

TM One SD-Internet enables businesses to orchestrate WAN links—leveraging public networks—easily. The fully-managed service is monitored for performance, security, and uptime 24x7; and is available on Basic and Pro models, each offering varying levels of security.

• SD-Internet Basic
• SD-Internet Pro


With TM One’s fully-managed SD-IPVPN offerings—including TM One IPVPN Lite, Premier and Hybrid—enterprises can centralise network controls, thereby simplifying and lowering the cost of securing, monitoring, and managing public (Internet-based) and private (MPLS-based) enterprise networks.

• SD-IPVPN Premier
• SD-IPVPN Hybrid

Transform Your Network From Branch to the Cloud

Maximise network and business agility, simplify operations, decrease costs and enhance security with TM One's SD-WAN solutions. Enjoy zero-touch provisioning, centralised orchestration, policy-based configurations, built-in security, and increased automation.

The Power of TM One SD-WAN

Unlock your digital transformation by utilising software-defined networks and connectivity solutions designed to address the obstacles posed by modern distributed architecture and workforce. Harness the power of TM One SD-WAN, an adaptable and application-aware network that is primed for the future.

Connect. Access. Collaborate.

Your end-to-end connectivity partner for a distributed world.

Enhanced Security

Achieve end-to-end, robust security with TM One-owned private networks. Access accurate and actionable information with real-time threat intelligence and advanced analytics.

Cloud Ready

Capitalise on the benefits of the cloud by providing seamless access to cloud resources securely and easily. Manage the dynamic demands of cloud workloads effortlessly.

Highly Adaptive

Boost network agility, achieve centralised control and improve management with TM One's software-defined connectivity solutions. Create a future-ready application-aware network.

Simplified Management

Lower the cost and effort of managing networks with TM One. Access 24X7 monitoring, automation, managed connectivity services, and achieve service level goals and increased efficiency.

Assured Performance

Enhance application performance and user experience with network and connectivity solutions that ensure exceptional quality of service and consistency, and high speed and uptime.

Wide Network

Take advantage of Malaysia's largest network. TM One's deep investments in communications infrastructure ensures security, wide coverage, and direct access to large CSPs.

End-to-End Service

Make the most of TM One's end-to-end services: From consultation, planning and implementation to network management, optimisation and innovation. Experience a truly digital future.

Connect. Access. Collaborate.

Your end-to-end connectivity partner for a distributed world.

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