Smart Services

Connected. Intelligent. Transformative. Capitalise on the opportunities of connected environments.

Accelerate Connected Opportunities

Smart services promise to transform enterprises and the public sector by embedding intelligence into critical infrastructure and everyday objects. Connected and intelligent ecosystems, transmitting data in near real-time, will form the crucible for a new generation of revenue streams, efficiency measures, and people-empowering strategies. They will also unleash greater innovation, customer experience, visibility, profitability, and resilience.

Key to unlocking this opportunity is access to three critical capabilities: Professional services that can help leaders create a smart services vision; providers with ready blueprints and pre-architected solutions; and managed services teams who can maintain smart services applications throughout their lifecycle. Achieve maximum IOT with minimum friction with TM ONE Smart Services.

The Power of TM ONE Smart Services

Successful smart services initiatives are built on five pillars: Connectivity, security, cloud computing, professional services, and managed services. TM ONE can bring all of these capabilities to bear to ensure clearly-defined, smoothly-implemented, and RoI-rich smart services deployments.

Leverage Connected Intelligence

Simplify IoT Adoption. Accelerate Outcomes.

Cloud Computing

TM ONE Cloud α empowers smart services deployments with infrastructure, software platforms, industry solutions and ecosystems, and services to create and manage connected implementations securely and effectively.


TM ONE’s connectivity offerings are designed to meet the needs of cross-industry smart service use cases. From backbone to last-mile networks including 5G, TM ONE has the expertise to power high-performing IoT deployments.


TM ONE CYDEC ensures that connected ecosystems - including endpoint hardware, edge computing infrastructure and networks, data streams in transit and in the cloud, and IoT cloud platforms - are secure and protected.

Professional Services

TM ONE professional services analysts help formulate a holistic, connected-environment vision, draw up business cases and roadmaps, and assess capability gaps to accelerate the adoption of smart services.

Managed Services

Support to monitor, manage, optimise, and innovate across the IoT stack. Safeguard against security vulnerabilities, improve service KPIs while lowering operational TCO, and get access to world-class skills and best practices.

Artificial Intelligence

TM ONE’s integrated solutions for sensor data ingestion, processing, analysis and modelling result in swift and effective adoption of machine learning. Improve decision-making, predictive maintenance, and public services.

Integrated Operations Centre

TM ONE’s IOC continuously monitors and manages connected solutions to ensures adherence to SLAs, ease management, and lower the cost of maintaining a smart services deployment.

Leverage Connected Intelligence

Simplify IoT Adoption. Accelerate Outcomes.

TM ONE Smart Service Offerings

With TM ONE’s Smart Service expertise, organisations can stitch together custom-made solutions, or leverage pre-configured offerings, across five categories, to accelerate their connected-environment transformation.

  • Enterprise Digital Services
  • Smart City
  • Smart Industry
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Healthcare

Boost efficiency, security, productivity and health with a range of solutions including e-learning, digital document management, health screening, RPA-as-service, and payment platforms.

Create safer and healthier public spaces, more proactive and transparent public services, more engaged citizens, and better managed state finances with TM ONE Smart City solutions.

Capitalise on the power of IoT and AI to improve revenue, operational efficiency, customer experience, visibility, and safety across manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

Leverage IoT-enabled precision farming and smart solutions around warehousing and supply chains to increase yield and produce quality, and tackle agricultural finances and food security.

Harness an end-to-end platform that connects all stakeholders in the medical ecosystem securely, and improves patient experience and care, while increasing healthcare efficiency.

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