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Build world-class connected solutions with TM One’s professional and managed services, domain knowledge, technology expertise, and global partnerships across the sensing, connectivity, networking, cloud, and analytics layers.

Accelerate Connected Opportunities

Smart services promise to transform enterprises and the public sector by embedding intelligence into critical infrastructure and everyday objects. Connected and intelligent ecosystems, transmitting data in near real-time, will power a new generation of revenue streams, efficiency measures, and people-empowering strategies. They will also unleash greater innovation, customer experience, sustainability, profitability, and resilience.

Key to unlocking this opportunity is access to three critical capabilities: Professional services that can help leaders create a smart services vision; providers with ready blueprints, pre-architected solutions and wide partnerships; and managed services teams who can maintain smart services applications throughout their lifecycle. Achieve maximum IoT with minimum friction with TM One Smart Services.

The 4 Pillars of Smart Services

Smart services initiatives require combining multiple technologies—each of which have a set of variables that must be considered strategically by both business and IT leaders. Arm your organisation with the platforms and solutions it needs to create high-performing IoT deployments.

Computing Infrastructure
The success of smart initiatives relies heavily on the infrastructure—computing, storage, and networks—that underpin IoT projects from the cloud to the edge. Make the infrastructure choices best suited to your organisation.
Robust Cybersecurity
Without appropriate cybersecurity, smart service deployments increase the risk surface of an enterprise. Learn how your organisation can better protect users, devices, gateways, connections, and edge and cloud environments.
Connectivity Strategy
Selecting connectivity solutions for an IoT project can be daunting given the multiple factors to account for including cost, coverage, throughput and power consumption. Choose the right solutions from a variety of options.
Data and Advanced Analytics
Maximising the value of IoT data requires a range of solutions spanning data management, engineering, cleansing, analysis, and model creation and tuning. Build a data and analytics strategy that generates outsized outcomes.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Smart Solutions

With TM One’s smart services consulting, technology, and integration expertise, organisations can stitch together custom-made solutions. Or they can leverage pre-configured offerings to accelerate their connected-environment transformation.

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Workforce
  • Smart Utilities
  • Smart Retail

Smart Manufacturing

Improve asset uptime and lifetime value, production predictability and yield, worker safety and operational efficiency, by combining IoT data and analytics. Get leaner, faster, smarter with Smart Manufacturing solutions.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    Increase manufacturing productivity by enhancing the availability, performance, and quality (APQ) of processes and underlying equipment. Combine computer vision, a wide range of sensors, and data management and analytics to monitor the health of assets and enable predictive maintenance. Improve uptime, employee safety and productivity, and production predictability. Leverage TM One Overall Equipment Effectiveness to shrink defects, re-work and costs; increase automation and yield; and better manage workers and assets.

  • Condition Monitoring

    This is a maintenance approach that predicts machine health and safety through the combination of machine sensor data that measures vibration and other parameters (in real-time) with state-of-the-art machine monitoring software.

  • Predictive Analytics

    All the Smart Manufacturing elements (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Statistical Process Control, Computerised Maintenance Management System) are presented via an integrated dashboard with each of them linked up together and processed to obtain the remaining useful life of a machine and to predict any future failures.

Smart City

Leverage our wide range of pre-integrated and tested Smart City offerings and transform cities into safer, and more sustainable, innovative, and liveable spaces. Re-imagine transparency, efficiency, convenience, and citizen and business participation. Modernise cities with TM One.

Explore Our Offerings
  • Smart Premises

    Build safety, convenience, and intelligence into living spaces with Smart Premises solutions. Allow customers to control and personalise homes, workplaces and even hospital suites from an integrated mobile application that can automate smart appliances, doors, windows, and switches. Lower the effort and cost of maintenance for facilities managers and streamline workforce operations.

  • Smart Security and Surveillance

    Smart Security and Surveillance provides a comprehensive, and centralised security solution for city, council and building administrators. By integrating analytics with video surveillance cameras, security team gain greater visibility and can make more informed decisions. It helps lower crime, reduce false alarms, and strengthens evidence collection. Citizens have the peace of mind that their public spaces are monitored efficiently and effectively, and businesses can be confident that their premises are compliant with safety regulations.

  • Smart City Dashboard

    Leverage a data-rich dashboard that centralises information from multiple city-level and systems and agencies. It offers a single, multi-platform view key of performance indicators and real-time, graphical analysis of a city’s productivity and performance across public services. This capability provides municipalities, local councils, and government departments with the ability to better manage public assets and provide excellent services to citizens. It is a scalable, secure, and simple way to monitor and manage a variety of agencies from education to enquiries, and transport to taxes.

  • Smart Street Light System (SLIMS)

    SLIMS offers a solution for municipalities looking to create safe and efficient public environments for citizens. It leverages IoT sensors integrated into streetlights to both monitor and control lights remotely. Administrators can create logical light clusters, schedule operations and maintenance periods, and adjust light intensity from centralised dashboards. SLIMs can lower energy usage by up to 69% and lengthen the operational life of lights.

  • Smart Building

    Capitalise on real-time data from IoT sensors—integrated into building systems—to lower operational and maintenance costs, strengthen decision-making and control, predict challenges such as minimise facility equipment breakdowns, increase the productivity of maintenance teams, and enhance the experience of occupants. Smart Building solutions offer secure, centralised, and holistic views—and analysis—of facilities, as well as automated alarms, which, combined, improve building system uptime, sustainability and efficiency.

  • My Smart City App

    Deepen citizen participation in civic activities, enable local businesses to be discovered, and streamline operations for government agencies. My Smart City App is a single platform that allows citizens to have easy access to government services, search for information and log complaints; government agencies to broadcast updates, prioritise tasks, and assess budget requirements. It centralises management, encourages innovation, generates transparency across stakeholders, and optimises workflows.

  • Smart Traffic Analytics and Recognition System (STARS)

    STARS is a unified traffic control system that saves time, reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and improves public safety and convenience. With a single platform, central monitoring, data visualisation, analytics, and alarm notifications STARS improves the performance of traffic light services. It empowers authorities to centrally monitor all traffic lights and notify identified parties of traffic problems and their resolution in real-time. It also enables multiple stakeholders to work together to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, lowers operational costs, and aids in town planning.

  • One Komuniti

    Create safer and more efficient communities and strata properties with the One Komuniti application and its associated solutions. It enables residents to make payment on fees seamlessly over a mobile app, book facilities, report problems, request repairs, and authorise visitor entry. Capture visitor information—including photos and licence plates—more easily and securely. Streamline property purchase & enquiries with digitised applications, and document upload facilities. Ensure clear and open communications between and property owners and property managers and generate a host of reports. Manage & monitor contractors’ work status & follow through easily over digital platform.

Smart Agriculture

Capitalise on best-in-class smart agriculture solutions which not only boost farm yield and farmer income, but also offer benefits for stakeholders across the agricultural economy including government agencies, farm input and equipment suppliers, agri produce distributors, and agro tech services. Improve outcomes across growing, harvesting, sorting, packaging, warehousing, and shipping.

Explore Our Offerings
  • Smart Irrigation & Fertigation Solutions

    The Smart Automated Fertigation and Irrigation solution allows farmers to save time, resources, and effort by completing both fertilisation and irrigation at the same time. Offering large and small-scale fertigation systems with fully automated control, it is suitable for farm enterprises of any size. This fertigation technique proves to be more efficient compared to traditional fertilisation methods as liquid fertilisers are delivered to plants with irrigation.

    Benefits includes:-

    • To help farmers monitor their crop remotely
    • Accuracy of sensor reading can help the farmers produce more quality crops
    • Easy to manage schedule for fertigation and irrigation
    • Reduce manpower on site
    • More efficient usage of fertilizer. Reduce wastage
    • Analyze all the data of harvest from Dashboard
  • Smart Harvesting and Processing

    About 15 percent of food, globally, is lost between farms and shelves. Leverage Smart Agriculture solutions to minimise waste during harvesting, sorting, packaging, and shipping. Improve monitoring within warehouses to eliminate theft and infestations and enhance both farmer income and national food security.

Smart Healthcare

Take advantage of the benefits of having access to accurate, real-time hospital, clinic, and patient information and analytics to enhance the quality of medical care, patient experience, and staff efficiency. Our smart healthcare solutions improve processes across the healthcare ecosystem and enables virtual consultations, resulting in better care and margins.

Explore Our Offerings

Smart Workforce

Harness the power of real-time data, comprehensive dashboards, and analytics to better monitor and manage mobile assets and people. Get deep insights to prevent downtime and a loss of productivity. Gain greater operational visibility to improve planning and reporting and streamline work assignments.

  • TM One Mobile Field Workforce (FORCE)

    TM One Mobile Field Workforce (FORCE) solution helps operational teams and management to manage field technicians’ schedules, assign work orders and receive constant updates on the status and progress of jobs done on-site. The system is easily accessible from anywhere at any time, through the web portal and mobile app. This empowers transparent, seamless and efficient communication across divisions that will eliminate improper delegation of work orders.

  • TM One Fleet Management System (FMS)

    FMS is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to track and manage their fleet of vehicles and drivers in real time, from a single dashboard. With insights into fuel utilisation, driver behaviour scores, vehicle conditions, as well as speed alerts and geo-fencing capabilities, FMS can lower costs, while increasing productivity, efficiency and safety.

  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Solutions

    Ensure safer, healthier and more secure working environments. Rebound from adverse situations offshore and at remote locations with speed and accuracy by connecting with doctors, helicopter and ambulance emergency services and access to employee health records. Comply with safety mandates and government regulations.

Smart Utilities

Monitor conditions across both water utility and wastewater networks and make your decision-making as fluid as water. Detect challenges such as contamination, corrosion, abnormal water levels, spikes in demand, and damaged pipes and pumps early. Leverage data, analytics, and centralised dashboards to lower costs, increase revenue, and optimise asset maintenance and manpower needs.

  • Smart Water Level Management

    Monitor and manage water levels and pressure across a range of water reserve types, water reticulation networks and sewage conduits. Leverage real-time data and centralised dashboards to ensure constant supply throughout water networks; and anticipate and avert challenges such overflows and water wastage, flooding, burst pipes, and damaged pumps.

  • Smart Water Meter

    Increase customer experience and operational efficiency, while fine-tuning water demand forecasts with IoT-based meters. Raise your organisation’s ability to offer customers transparent and accurate billing services; eliminate resource-intensive, error-prone and manual meter-reading processes; alert against supply outages, and determine demand in real-time.

  • Smart Water Quality Management

    Detect contaminants across the water supply network early and proactively take action to ensure quality control. Measure the turbidity of water, and monitor for the presence of suspended particles, chloride, ammonia, manganese, aluminium, fluoride, and ferum, among other minerals. Comply with regulatory standards, and streamline and facilitate water quality reports.

  • Smart Water Management

    Employs IoT in combination with analytics and AI to reduce water wastage, lower the cost of supplying and treating water waste, and increase water revenue. Optimise the use of resources and workers across water networks with improved visibility, and better access to data and decision-making. Monitor for corrosion and increase the uptime and lifetime of expensive and widely-distributed assets.

Smart Retail

Boost your ability to acquire, monitor, engage, and convert customers with geolocation and proximity marketing technologies, combined with behaviour analytics and Wi-Fi analytics. Increase in-store footfall, and customer experience and loyalty; and finetune guided-selling, and cross and upsell strategies.

  • Smart Campaigns

    Capitalise on more targeted, contextual, and personalised ad campaigns underpinned by geolocation and proximity marketing technologies. Convert visitors into customers, boost in-store footfall, improve engagement and customer loyalty with location-based campaigns that drive promotions, offers and discounts. Target customers near competing outlets with geofencing and push notifications and increase conversions.

  • People Behaviour Analytics

    Stay on top of customer behaviour from the moment they enter until they leave with People Behaviour Analytics and Wi-Fi analytics. Count the number of consumers entering outlets, gauge new versus returning customers, and analyse in-store movement with heatmaps to better understand traffic flow and dwell areas. Get the data your organisation needs to better plan store layouts, finetune guided selling strategies, avoid congestion at checkout counters, and optimise staffing requirements, among other benefits. Access a single dashboard for all traffic analytics and reporting.

The Power of TM One Smart Services

Successful smart services initiatives require a combination of technology and services capabilities including connectivity, security, cloud computing, professional services, and managed services. TM One brings together these competencies to ensure clearly-defined, smoothly-implemented, and Rol-rich smart services deployments.

Leverage Connected Intelligence

Simplify IoT Adoption. Accelerate Outcomes.

Cloud Computing

TM One Cloud α empowers smart servicers deployments with infrastructure, software platforms, industry solutions and ecosystems, and services to create and manage connected implementations securely and effectively.


TM One's connectivity offerings are designed to meet the needs of cross-industry smart service use cases. From backbone to last-mile networks including 5G, TM One has the expertise to power high-performing IoT deployments.


TM One CYDEC ensures that connected ecosystems - including endpoint hardware, edge computing infrastructure and networks, data streams in transit and in the cloud, and IoT cloud platforms - are secure and protected.

Professional Services

TM One professional services analysis help formulate a holistic, connected-environment vision, draw up business cases and roadmaps, and assess capability gaps to accelerate the adoption of smart services.

Managed Services

Support to monitor, manage, optimise, and innovate across the IoT stack. Safeguard against security vulnerabilities, improve service KPIs while lowering operational total cost of ownership, and get access to world-class skills and best practices.

Artificial Intelligence

TM One's integrated solutions for sensor data ingestion, processing, analysis and modelling result in swift and effective adoption of machine learning. Improve decision-making, predictive maintenance, and public services.

Integrated Operations Centre

TM One's IOC continuously monitors and manages connected solutions to ensure adherence to SLAs, ease management, and lower the cost of maintaining a smart services deployment.

Leverage Connected Intelligence

Simplify IoT Adoption. Accelerate Outcomes.

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