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21 February 2019

The administration process around building a strong digital infrastructure is usually seen as an expensive endeavor. The involvement of multiple vendors create unnecessary challenge of delays in service deliveries and increased costs, causing businesses to lose their competitive edge in the global market. TM ONE—the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)—eliminates these complexities by taking a holistic approach in delivering a complete digital enabler solution for the enterprise as well as public-sector clients, with connectivity and security at its core. “The TM ONE umbrella comprises several product pillars that ensure more efficient, competitive, and a frictionless digital enablement for every industry,” says Nizam Arshad, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TM ONE.

As the primary digital enabler, TM ONE’s first pillar of digital business solutions information and communication technology (ICT) services, delivering the best-in-class total experience. The company constantly seeks strategic alliances and builds its own strong ecosystem of local and global partners to create innovative end-to-end digital solutions and managed services to help enterprises and public-sector customers solve even the most complex digital transformation challenges. The second pillar in TM ONE’s solution is the BPO services, which include voice, live chat, as well as chatbots to help clients develop stronger relations with their customers. The company also offers the electronic form product, which can be used by call center agents to transform paper documents into electronic forms quickly, thereby saving organisational cost by storing documents using fewer servers and operating systems.

“TM ONE has partnered with a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provider to offer a software robot that takes over human tasks and processes performed online,” adds Nizam. This robot can substitute routine and manual tasks in functional areas including human resource, administration, procurement and finance. The solution can be deployed on-premise and on TM ONE Cloud with easy payment options depending on the type of work to be performed. Running on TM ONE Cloud, it can be shared by multiple organisations to reduce operational costs even further.

TM ONE’s fourth product pillar is a comprehensive suite of Smart Services that utilise connectivity, data center, cloud, ICT services, and IoT to address the challenges in industries such as real estate. One of our highlight solution is the Smart Traffic Analytics & Recognition System (STARS), which can provide real-time traffic flow information from the data collected through cameras and exchanges. This information can then be analysed to identify faults in the traffic signal systems, enabling field engineers to be sent on time and thereby minimizing traffic disruption. This solution allows chief engineers to leverage laptops/mobile devices as a monitoring operation center (MOC) to program the sequence of the traffic lights—improving traffic flow and reducing the cost of operating and managing traffic lights.

To enable the digital transformation of any business, TM ONE has built the Iskandar Puteri Data Centre (IPDC) as a purpose-built carrier-neutral data center. IPDC stands as the first commercial data center to be awarded the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility in Malaysia by Uptime Institute. This service enables institutions to leverage the bundled data center, cloud, BPO, and DR services, all at the right level of pricing.

TM ONE is the business solution arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Telekom Malaysia Berhad has established its footprint in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Singapore, Australia, China, and London in the UK. The company also has a significant presence in Jakarta, Indonesia where they are offering contact center services that are manned by over 4,000 agents. “Our future investments will be around ICT and smart services, which will be offered through our existing cloud infrastructure,” concludes Nizam.

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