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4 August 2022
Making Smart Manufacturing Real in Malaysia

If we take an overview of what smart manufacturing means today - it is generally described as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation […]

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3 October 2021
Smoothing the Transition to Smart Manufacturing
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25 March 2021
CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Pos Malaysia Redefining Business with Digital Strategies and Partnerships

Pos Malaysia Group (“the Group”) started as a traditional postal service and has since expanded to provide financial services and supply chain solutions.  As reinvention […]

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10 March 2021
2021: Smoothing the Transition to Smart Manufacturing in Malaysia

Smoothing the Transition to Smart Manufacturing in Malaysia

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24 February 2021
Forging A New Future for Malaysia’s Manufacturers

In the pre-digital era, manufacturing plants were deemed an unstoppable force in many economies. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought sharp lessons resulting in factory […]

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16 January 2020
Malaysia is ready for Industry 4.0

Malaysia has its eyes set on achieving the developed country status, and they are well on track for achieving it. The country’s gross domestic product […]

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