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6 April 2023
The Smart Farming Revolution: Leveraging Technology to Overcome Agricultural Challenges

The agriculture industry faces a variety of challenges such as climate change, low agriculture productivity and yield, high operating cost, and health hazards to farmers. […]

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29 November 2022
Powering Smart Agriculture with Internet of Things

In the digital age and Industrial Revolution 4.0, the agriculture sector is undergoing a massive change by leveraging on digital technologies, especially the Internet of […]

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30 August 2022
Celebrating Success: Ipoh Smart City – TM One and MBI breathes new life into Ipoh

“TM One is the main agency pioneering the foundation of our nation’s digital infrastructure. Through this strategic collaboration, it greatly helps Ipoh City Council in […]

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30 August 2022
Demystifying Technology: The DNA of a Smart City

Smart cities are like the humans who live in them, behaving like complex creatures, constantly collecting and transporting information to make better sense of the […]

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30 August 2022
Trends & Digital Strategy: 6 Key Factors in Building a Successful Smart City

Five years ago, the conversation surrounding smart cities was in its infancy, with most topics revolving around demystifying the technology behind them. Today, cities around […]

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4 August 2022
Making Smart Manufacturing Real in Malaysia

If we take an overview of what smart manufacturing means today - it is generally described as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation […]

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