TM Group’s telco business in Malaysia is operated by TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd

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Cybersecurity: Is your company doing enough to protect itself from cybercrime?


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TM One, Enabling Your Next Innovative Transformation

Innovation is a key driver for organisations to generate new opportunities and to create greater value. It enables organisations to find fresh solutions to problems and generate value that they otherwise couldn't access. It takes leadership’s commitment to drive innovation across an organisation. With the right mix of people, tools and leadership, organisations can unlock their next advantage, today.

Open APIs, digital banking and hybrid work – how TM One protects its clients from cyber threats

For financial institutions, brand value lies chiefly in customer trust in their services. Securing those services requires both proactive and reactive cybersecurity measures. At TM One, cybersecurity is a continuous, evolving effort that is both proactive against possible threats and reactive with quick-acting and widespread mitigation efforts.

Trends & Digital Strategy: 6 Key Factors in Building a Successful Smart City

Smart cities are the way of the future and Malaysia has the means to evolve into a prosperous city. However, what are the necessary steps for us to get there? This article discusses the important factors in developing Malaysia as a smart city.

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