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TM ONE CYDEC - The Digital Trust for Cyber Resilience

A Foundation of Digital Trust

Business is more digital than ever. Digital is business. In this landscape, trust is a differentiator, one that enables speed, certainty, and opportunity. It is why creating digital trust programs is the most important C-Suite agenda over the next half decade, says IDC.

Engendering true trust requires a mastery over five key areas: Risk, cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, ethics and social responsibility.

TM ONE CYDEC can help Malaysian enterprises and public sector institutions achieve these goals. It’s managed security services ensure that you have access to the best real-time, continuous, predictive cybersecurity, quickly and without complexity. Build digital trust for a digital Malaysia with TM ONE CYDEC.

Building Trust for Digital Business Success

Find out how to build digital trust and cybersecurity resilience for Malaysian businesses operating in a digital ecosystem. Detect, respond, and protect businesses cost-effectively, quickly, easily, and flexibly.

The Power of CYDEC

Detect, respond, and protect your business with TM ONE CYDEC. Build trust by securing data, identity and devices across private and public networks with TM ONE CYDEC’s end-to-end managed cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Now

Simplify Cybersecurity. Accelerate Outcomes

Simplified Security

With TM ONE CYDEC, access best-in-class security without complexity. Eliminate false positive fatigue, onerous hiring challenges, and the hassle of managing point solutions.

Complete Threat Intelligence

Detect and mitigate risk to digital businesses with TM ONE CYDEC’s comprehensive, real-time threat intelligence sourced from the surface Web, the deep Web, and the dark Web.

Real-Time Monitoring

TM ONE CYDEC’s security operations centre offers 24/7 monitoring, and world-class cybersecurity analysts who separate signal from noise, and deliver security intelligence.

Wide Coverage

Respond proactively to ransomware or botnet DDOS attacks. Mitigate risk to data, identity, infrastructure and apps across multi-cloud environments, digital channels, and endpoints.

Aligned to Business

Ensure business and cybersecurity operate in harmony. Access cutting-edge cybersecurity that is proactive, OPEX-based, flexible, and offers swift time-to-value with TM ONE CYDEC.

Digital Telco Capabilities

Leverage TM ONE’s digital telco capabilities that offer deep and unique insights into data flows, its highly secure and resilient network, and its global partnerships.


Keep up and comply with the latest privacy, industry and government regulations, and access cutting-edge cybersecurity advances leveraging big data analytics, and machine learning.

Cybersecurity Now

Simplify Cybersecurity. Accelerate Outcomes

CYDEC Offerings

CYDEC is available in four packaged offerings or, providing organisations with a sliding scale of advanced security services, aligned to varying requirements and price points. Or create a customised solution, tailored to specific needs.

  • CYDEC Sense
  • CYDEC Sentry
  • CYDEC Shield
  • CYDEC Sentinel
  • CYDEC Shape: Bespoke

Experience real-time tracking and round-the-clock monitoring by our security infrastructure and incident management specialists. Safeguard your organisation against malicious attacks.

Protect sensitive and confidential information. Stay informed on compromised credentials. With CYDEC Sentry, you will be able to stay ahead of suspicious mobile apps that impersonate official apps.

Proactively hunt advanced persistent threats, gather indicators of compromise continuously, and achieve endpoint visibility while monitoring for hacktivism.

Create a global view of your organisation’s security, identifying risks holistically with the ability to continuously discover vulnerabilities and security gaps. Shrink uncertainty involving threat intelligence landscape originating from and being facilitated across the cybercriminal underground or deep web.

Customise your own package. Pick and choose solutions from a variety of offerings to meet your unique requirements.

TM ONE CYDEC Managed Service Offerings

CYDEC Sense CYDEC Sentry CYDEC Shield CYDEC Sentinel
Managed SIEM
Suspicious Domains Monitoring
Information Leaks
Breach of Security Control
Credential Theft
Suspicious Mobile App
Unauthorised Use of Brand
Offensive Content
Digital Identity Monitoring
Hacktivism & Activism
Phishing & Pharming
Vulnerability Services
Mobile Channel Risks
Threat Intelligence Platform
Threat Intelligence Feed

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