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7 June 2022
Solutions Built for Citizens, Realizing the Vision of a Liveable Malaysia – Shazurawati Abd Karim

Our first City LEAP Summit in 2020 addressed the needs and challenges faced by local councils (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan, PBT) in implementing smart cities. At […]

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10 February 2022
Malaysia Smart City Components: Smart Traffic Light Management

A step into Smart City: Tackling traffic congestion As cities around the world reopen their economic activities, traffic congestion once again beset the life of […]

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10 November 2021
Digital Skills to Boost Malaysia’s Civil Servants

Reflecting the global surge of upskilling people for the increasingly digital normal, Asian countries are exploring new avenues of equipping their citizens with essential skills. […]

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28 October 2021
CELEBRATING SUCCESS: How the Cloud Can Enable Digital Government Services – Lessons from Singapore’s GovTech

Credit: Photo by Stuart Breckenridge on Unsplash The public sector needs to catch up. Citizens now expect a level of service that can match the […]

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27 October 2021
DEMYSTIFY TECHNOLOGY: 5 Key Elements that make GovCloud – Ahmad Nazri Ambi

Government spending on Cloud services has been one of the most fascinating phenomenal as it represents a shift in belief – from concern on security […]

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27 October 2021
TRENDS AND DIGITAL STRATEGY: Southeast Asia Government Spending on Cloud, What’s the Trend? – Mohamed Faisal Naina Mohamed

Governments across developed nations are placing technology front and centre in a bid to improve citizen services and maintain relevance on the global stage. This […]

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