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31 August 2021
TM Group CEO in Conversation With The Youth: Designing Future Citizen Services

MERDEKA SPECIAL As consumers, we have all embraced digital services wholeheartedly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and Government agencies made great progress […]

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18 August 2021
Inside Malaysia’s engine for the digital economy

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)‘s appointment as the sole Malaysian cloud service provider (CSP) by the Malaysian government last April opens the door for the establishment and […]

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12 August 2021
Supporting Malaysia’s Digital Aspirations

Smart services are the combination of digital services in an ecosystem that are interconnected, secured, automated and data-driven. It provides efficiency, enhances value creation, and […]

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2 August 2021
Envisioning MyDIGITAL for the Rakyat - A Digital Government Blueprint for Malaysia

One of the aims of MyDIGITAL is to create a digitally-enabled government that will provide end-to-end digitalised public services which are more efficient, effective and […]

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30 June 2021
Fast Tracking Malaysia's Smart Cities with Advanced Technologies in 2021

Industry experts are in accord that the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has delivered many sharp lessons including the urgent need to fast track smart […]

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7 January 2021
Next-Gen Tech Improving Emergency Preparedness and Response

In an era of sudden terror attacks, pandemics, and natural disasters: countries must remain alert to counter any emergencies, which could bring devastating consequences. How […]

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